The main areas of focus for Network Buddies include networking, cloud, Linux, programming, and security training. The courses and technologies covered can be found on the courses page.


There may be periodic changes to the terms and conditions. Through direct updates on the website, you may keep tabs on the same.


Only one set of log-in credentials may be used at a time. The access codes are not transferable between participants. If discovered, the services provided to the participant in question shall be deemed provided and no right to a refund shall exist.

You must contact our Help and Support team right away if you get any such information. But if the problem comes to your attention and is not disclosed, it will have an impact on both parties. The use of the courses and other requirements without permission is diligently prevented.The account’s security and confidentiality are the participant’s own responsibility.


The course page itself contains information about the cost of the courses. Network Buddies only accepts payments in digital form. The cost includes GST (tax for organisations in India). International taxes and currency rates are included in the payments made by international students. The payment and conversion rate are based on the exchange rate in effect at the time.


All participants get access to certain materials such as course materials, video sessions, notes, practise materials, practicals, YouTube videos, and more because they are part of the user database. Networks Buddies retains complete copyright for any content, whether it be written, spoken, or visual, thus participants are not permitted to use it again..

We have the right to change, update, or rewrite the course materials and content that we provide to you. If there is a change, we might charge you more to access the updated course materials if there is a change, revision, or update.


The website’s product page details how to receive the free training. Other than the courses or goods you have enrolled in, you cannot claim any other free courses. Free access is moreover provided for a constrained time according to the days shared on the websites.

Any individual offers sent by email or another platform will be made available according to the deadlines listed on the offer list. For the same, no extensions are given.


By clicking the Sign Up button, users agree to allow the organisation to contact them at any moment after sharing personal information (name, email, phone number, or course interests). All users accept Network Buddies’ terms and conditions.

You will not be authorised or permitted to use Networks Buddies’ services if you do not abide by the terms and conditions or act ethically. In the event of any user wrongdoing, there won’t be any refunds available. When referring to Network Buddies, use “we,” “us,” or “our.”

Refund Policy

The refund policy is available on the home page.