Refund Policy

At Networks Buddies, we want to provide excellent training and education to our students. We value your trust and want you to be happy with our courses. However, it’s necessary to know that we have a specific refund policy because of how our live recorded sessions and digital products work. 

Check and choose courses that suit you without paying any fees.

There is no Refund Policy after Admission! *
Live Recorded Courses
  • The best engineers and instructors recorded live classes and were compensated according to how many students signed up. You will get lifetime access to a course once you sign up and pay for it. Therefore, after you have confirmed your enrolment and paid for the course, we are unable to issue refunds.
  • Before making a purchase, please review the Demo sessions and the material. Therefore, once admission is confirmed or courses are paid, the company has no refund policy.
No refund for purchased videos! *
All access videos
  • We include digital content in our courses that you can access the moment you make a purchase. We do not provide refunds for the All Access Videos due to the inability to return or take back digital merchandise. To make a decision, try the demo video first.
Contact Our Support

If you have any issues or queries regarding our refund policy or anything else, contact our customer support team at Put the Contact us page link here

Please take the time to read and understand our refund policy before confirming your admission and making a purchase. By proceeding with the admission and purchase, you agree to follow this policy.